Directions for your Facebook Live Event
Please be sure contact us to be assigned a missing person to profile in your Live event.
Watch the video above for instructions

You may use a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desk top with a built in camera or web cam.

Preparation: (Please be sure to CONTACT US to be assigned a missing person to profile during your event)

  • Prior to your event, you will be sent a link to a missing person’s poster on www.411GINA.org.  This is the link you will post during your Facebook Live event
  • Print out two copies of your missing person’s flyer; one to hold up before the camera and the other to read out loud.
  • We find it handy to practice our introductions before we do shows, and you may find it handy as well.  Here is a guideline of what we would like for you to say:

“Hello, my name is (Your Name).  I’m hosting this Facebook Live event as part of the annual Squeaky Wheel Tour, which is sponsored by the GINA for Missing Persons Foundation.  The tour is held every fall in an effort to gain awareness for missing people.  Entertainers, families of the missing and supporters read missing persons posters, show pictures and ask people to share the missing person’s poster on social media and in their communities.  Today, I am going to highlight the story of (Missing Person’s Name).  (Missing Person) has been missing from (City, State) since (Date Missing). [You will then read the vital statistics on the flyer, i.e., height, weight, etc., then the circumstances of their disappearance].    If you have any information about (Missing Person), please call (Police Department phone number listed on flyer) or your local police.  For more information on missing people in your area, please visit www.411GINA.org.”  

  • Please be sure to read the whole flyer. Remind the audience to share the link on social media and thank them for their help. 



The Live Session:

  • Prior to going live, go to your Facebook page as if you are going to post, and you will see a camera icon.  Click on that and check all of the settings.  It is advisable to test everything first by setting it to Private Setting/Just Me. This will allow you to check for proper lighting, camera angles, and audio feeds before you begin
  • Be sure to test your WiFi connections as you will want to use your WiFi to connect and will not want it to hiccup during your session. 
  • If you are using your phone, be sure to go to your phone’s setting and turn on Airplane Mode.  This will ensure that you will get no phone calls or texts during your session.  (Be sure to turn it back off afterwards!)  On your iPhone is also an option to turn off notifications.  This is highly recommended.
  • A day ahead of your event, post a notice on your timeline or event to remind them that you will be doing a Facebook Live session.
  • The day of your Facebook Live event, post a reminder at least an hour beforehand that you will be going live soon.  After you post this reminder is a good time to test everything if you have not done so yet
  • During your session, be sure that when you focus on the flyer, it is showing properly on the screen.
  • People will be talking to you on your event page during your session; please feel free to speak to them directly on camera during your event if you wish to
  • You may perform your song before or after reading the flyer; it is up to you.
THANK YOU for donating your time and compassion to this – you are deeply appreciated!
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