The Missing - Nevada

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ANGELL, Trevor George - Primm, NV

BUTLER, Sandra Kaye - Sparks, NV

FOSTER, Jessica Edith Louise - North Las Vegas, NV

HUDSON, Shantelle - Mound House, NV

JOHNSON, Kerry Lynelle - Reno, NV

LEAGUE, Landon George - Las Vegas, NV

LEWIS, Heather Janelle - Ely, NV

MAGEE, Sherise Lachelle - Las Vegas, NV

MARTIN, Jennifer Lee - Reno, NV

OTTO, Kinsey Maxfield - North Las Vegas, NV

PIERRE, Francillon - North Las Vegas, NV

PINGUL, Devinee Maria Priscilla - Las Vegas, NV

RODRIGUEZ, Karla Carolina - Las Vegas, NV

STROH, Stefanie Kelly - Wells, NV

WARNES, Brianna Christine - Henderson, NV

WIESNIES, Nancy Sue - Las Vegas, NV

YATES, Sherry Lynn - Las Vegas, NV

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