Take Action


What Can You Do to Take Action?


  • SHARE FLYERS: Go to The Missing page and locate a missing person from your area. Print out their flyer and post it wherever you are going in the next week - school, church, work, a local store, the gym, a truck stop, etc. You can also share a missing person's page on Twitter and Facebook by using the Share buttons.
  • SHARE FLYERS AT AN EVENT: Print out flyers and enourage event attendees to take a flyer to post wherever they are going in the next week. Let us know you're doing this so that we can help to advertise your event and increase traffic for the missing person. This will be considered a GINA Event.
  • ADOPT A MISSING PERSON: We can assist you in finding a local person. Email us for help. If you have a web site, place a link to your missing person on your site. Enourage the visitors on your site to print out the flyer and post it wherever they are going or share it to other social media.
  • DONATE TO GINA: Your tax-deductible donation supports our many programs such as flyer distribution, support to families of the missing in their search, the Squeaky Wheel® Tour, and more. Click on the Donate button at the top of the page to find out more about how you can help.


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