A 1-Day Global Event - 100's of Voices, 1,000's of Missing

Like so many others who provide you with live concerts, plays, and entertainment in general, the global pandemic has prompted us to rethink the available ways to reach you safely. We aspire to continue our partnership with the artists you love in order to continue to focus a spotlight on the missing.

Due to the current worldwide health crisis, we at GINA have opted to keep your safety – and ours – a top priority, and as such, we will be presenting this year’s Squeaky Wheel® Tour in an online format. This year’s SWT® will be a one-day global event held on October 17, 2020, that can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Participants include national and international artists, families of the missing, and more as they highlight the world's missing. A full list of participants will be available as they come in.

Stay tuned, and above all, stay safe!

ARTISTS - Click HERE to sign up | FAMILIES OF THE MISSING - Click HERE to sign up | INVITED GUESTS - Click HERE to sign up

The Squeaky Wheel® Tour is presented by the GINA for Missing Persons FOUNDation (411GINA.org)

  • Be A Participant!
    Lend your voice to those that don't have one. Share your talent or your loved one's story with us on October 17th in a world-wide digital concert series for missing persons. You can SIGN UP HERE.
    Due to the nature of our 501(c)(3) Non-Profit and the sensitive nature of our mission please refrain from profanity and violent and graphic words and/or lyrical content. Original Music and Original Content only, please.
  • Not one human being is insignificant, faceless, or nameless. The whole world should feel a void if one of us is missing. - Jannel Rap, 2000


The Squeaky Wheel® Tour Bus




YOUR EVENT CAN LAUNCH: (The length of your event is up to you)
a. On your personal social media platform of your choice. 
b. At a time convenient for you on October 17, 2020. 
c. THREE TYPES OF VOICES are invited to join: 
1) Entertainers: A song or concert featuring a missing person-read and share their flyer. 
2) Families: Read and share your loved one's flyer, tell their story, and ask others to share.
3) Special Guest: Give our event a shout out and read and share your assigned missing person flyer and ask viewers to share. 

The 2020 Squeaky Wheel® Tour page will post YOUR EVENT LISTING and ASSIGNED MISSING PERSON. More details about how to create your event will be given to you once you fill out the form. Your event, your share, your effort could bring someone home. It's happened many times before. Why not your event?

Details to include in your performance: 
1) Let your followers know and remind them that you are part of this event.
2) During the event: Read our event description. 
3) During the event: Read, show, and share the flyer of the missing person assigned to you. Ask your viewers to share and ask their friends to share.

EXTRA MEDIA ASK: (if you have the contacts) 
If you happen to have local media contacts that would be interested in your participation in this event let us know ASAP.  We will send them a press release that includes information regarding your participation and your featured missing person/s. 

CLICK HERE to download the SWT® Event Intro Sheet to read as an introduction for your Event.

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