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BRYANT, Tyrone Lydell - Fort Wayne, IN

CLAYPOOL, Jeremiah Matthew - Covington, IN

CREECH, Melinda Karen - Anderson, IN

DATTILO, Molly Laura - Indianapolis, IN

ELLIS, Jason Thomas - Indianapolis, IN

FELTON, Wendy Louise - Marion, IN

FRY, Lola Katherine - Greenwood, IN

HOLLAND, Carl - Richmond, IN

KILGORE, Sarah May - Indianapolis, IN

LOUKS, Brookley Chantille - Greenwood, IN

McCOWN, Marilyn Renee - Richmond, IN

MEADOWS, Jamie Dean - JIndianapolis, IN

REAVES, Daniel Scott - Madison, IN

REITLER, Tricia Lynn - Marion, IN

ROSS, Bradley Dale - Fort Wayne, IN

SAM, Larissa Marie - June 21, 2015 -

SHERRILL, Shannon Marie - Thorntown, IN

SMITH, Garrison - Hardinsburg, IN

SMITH, Karen Jo - Indianapolis, IN

SMITH, Steven Lee - Lafayette, IN

SMITH, Walter - Edinburgh, IN

SPIERER, Lauren - Bloomington, IN

STANDIFER, Daniel Daryl - Indianapolis, IN

TAYLOR, John Len - Gary, IN

TURNER, Shannon Rayanne - Indianapolis, IN

WILHITE, Debra Ann - Evansville, IN

WILSON, Brandy Nicole - Colfax, IN

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